Masters Swimming at SVP

Once called "senior swimming", the sport of swimming for seniors has developed into a rapidly growing movement over the last 20 years. In order to survive internationally, senior swimming is now officially known as "Masters".
At the national level, it is possible to compete as a Master from the age of 20, whereas the lower age limit for international competitions is 25. There is no upper age limit. Competitions are held in different age groups, each of which contains five age groups, so that you can be happy every time you have a "round" birthday, as you will then be the youngest in the next age group.

SV Poseidon Hamburg has also created and built up its own Masters department. Both own training times and participation in national and international competitions have been an integral part of the SVP's "Masters work" for years.

Both the women and the men of the SVP can boast medal successes and/or age group records at national and international competitions. Also in combination, in the form of relays or mixed relays (2 women/2men), the SVP athletes are feared by the competition, not only because of their good mood before and after the start, but also because of their dangerous mixture of old and young. Here, too, they have already achieved numerous successes.
In total, the Poseidon Masters swam their way to 2 World Championship and 17 European Championship titles in the various age groups for men and women, in addition to 595 German records and several World and European records.

Have we caught your interest? Then check whether your performance meets our requirements for admission to the Masters group.