Swim starters

From the age of 4 it is possible to start swimming with us. Children should playfully learn about water as a supporting element and also learn about the first swimming movements, i.e. the targeted use of arm and leg movements, as well as free swimming without a swimming aid. In a fixed group, trained coaches practice once a week and work towards the transition to the next swimming group. 

If you are interested in beginner swimming Water accustomed from year 2016 and younger and seahorses from year 2015 and younger please have your child put on the waiting list via our office by email () or by phone under the phone number 040 – 570 55 22. Please provide your full contact details (name and date of birth of the child, possibly existing swimming skills or courses already attended, e-mail address, telephone number, address, etc.).

We ask for your understanding that there may be longer waiting times, as our club groups are not a course system, but can only be reallocated when the children of a group move to the next level of swimming.

New swimming courses

The Swim Club Poseidon Hamburg e.V. offers fixed swimming groups with an active membership in the club, as well as swimming courses with a membership limited to the duration of the course. For more information about current swimming courses, please click here. If you would like to have a place in one of our permanent swimming groups, please send a direct request to our office. Please note, however, that our waiting list for a fixed swimming group in our club is enormously long.