Compedetive Groups

In the competitive sports groups, the children and young people train between two and four times a week for 1.5 - 2 hours each. A prerequisite for this is the mastery of the four swimming positions. The older ones also complete a land training and do special exercises for muscle building.

In addition to Christmas swimming and traditional swimming parties, various competitions are also held. Younger children take part in age-appropriate events in Hamburg or the surrounding area as well as youth multi-competition competitions. The older ones have about 6 to 8 competitions per semester. These include the Hamburg and North German Championships as well as the DMS-J. Events in Northern Germany are planned.

During the spring holidays in Hamburg there is usually a one-week external training camp and in the last week of the summer holidays intensive swimming is done in the club swimming pool Olloweg.

During training, the fun is not too short. The community works, because everyone is a team!

Children and young people who already have competition experience from other clubs are welcome at any time and can register for a trial training via the Schwimmwart .