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Active since 1895

The Poseidon Hamburg swimming club can look back on over 125 years of club history. Since its foundation in 1895, the club has offered a wide range of water sports activities for everyone. Swimming and water polo are the two major components of the club's activities. We are proud of our club-owned outdoor pool complex, which we have been operating at the Olloweg since 1 May 1969.

Aktuelle Daten & Standort

aktuelles Wetter


Wassertemperatur Öffentlichkeit:

22,1° C

Wassertemperatur Sportbecken:

21,4° C

Lufttemperatur Poseidon Bad:

12,8° C

Luftfeuchte Poseidon Bad:

58,4 %


Der SV Poseidon Hamburg in Zahlen

Annual open-air pool visitors:
Square metres of lawn:
Active athletes:
cubic metres of water: