Open water swimming

Poseidons in open water

We are a small group in the SV Poseidon that is dedicated to open water swimming.
We, that is Katharina Gerson and Andreas Naucke as well as Anke Höhne ,Peter Wortelker (called Karl) and somehow also son Oskar.

Open water swimming means swimming in open waters such as rivers, lakes and seas. In summer, a whole series of long-distance open water swims take place. This refers to events in which distances longer than 2 km are swum. In addition to endurance, this also requires the desire to deal with currents, water temperatures (usually cold), wind and weather, as well as orientation in open water. Unlike in the swimming pool, there are understandably no lines, tiles or even a heater here.

Since the opportunities for open water swimming in Hamburg are rather limited or involve a lot of travelling time, such a sport would not be possible for us without the open-air swimming pool in Olloweg. And so we swim our laps in the Ollo several times a week. However, it's more of an individual than an organised thing. In winter, things are more problematic, because we can hardly stay in shape with the Saturday sports time that suits us. A small remedy is 12-24 hour swims, in which we have already taken part several times. Since it is not always easy to get information about the dates of open water and long-distance swimming events, we run a small website, the "Schwimmkalender", which collects such dates and also publishes reports on various open water and long-distance swimming events (

If you are interested in open water swimming or in an exchange of experiences, please contact Peter "Karl" Wortelker: