Poseidon Pool


100x100 at the Poseidon Pool

100x100 Swimming at the Poseidon Pool

Each year we celebrate the start of the new season with our day of the open Pool. 

For one day the "Poseidon Bad" transforms into in action-packed event location, full of fun and games in and around the pools.
Countless activities such as: Beach-Waterpolo, Aquaball, Kids-Triathlon, Test-Diving, Jetski, Duck Racing and many more. 

Please be welcome to join us, when the day of the open pool starts again, for a celbration of our sport and hobby swimmen. 

Save the Date 2023

to be continued on 10.06.2023

SV Poseidon Hamburg e.V. and Triabolos Triathlon Hamburg e.V. have reached an agreement: In 2023, the 100 times 100 metres = 10 km long-distance swim will take place for the second time. The date is set for 10.06.2023, when around 130 athletes will again swim the 10 km in the spacious outdoor pool of the Poseidon.

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