Poseidon Pool


Dragon Boat Cup

Procedure and scoring

At the Poseidon Pool Dragon Boat Cup, two teams of 6 sit opposite each other in a dragon boat. After the start command, each team tries to move the other team backwards with strong, fast, synchronised paddle strokes. As soon as the mark at the edge of the pool has been crossed, but at the latest after 20/30 seconds, the competition is over. The team that does not cross the mark on its own side and in turn moves the opponent to cross its own mark before 20/30 sec. wins. Whoever visibly pulls the opponent out of the zero position is the winner after 20/30 sec.

The game is started in groups and the winners are determined in a tournament format.

The co-winner receives 4 points (win within 10 sec.) Winner with line crossing receives 3 points, simple win with space gain 2 points, no winner (no space gain) 1 point, loser 0 points.

There will be 4 performance groups:

30 seconds - active dragon athletes - in the Open (mixed) and Women's groups.

20 seconds - all dragon sports enthusiasts in the groups Open (mixed) and women.

In the FUN Company Sport there will be an additional, separate classification for company sport teams only.
The paddling will be for the challenge cup of the company sports association.